The Concept of Branding

Trademark and patent are two concepts that are very confused today. According to the researches, the majority of our companies are not aware of the difference between a trademark and a patent. A patent can be defined as the right of the inventor to manufacture, use, sell or import the found product for a minimum of 7 years and a maximum of 20 years.

A trademark is any sign that can be published and reproduced through printing, such as personal names, words, figures and letters, in order to provide distinctiveness in the products and services offered for sale.

For an invention to be patented, it must meet certain criteria. It is essential that the invention in question has not been disclosed in writing, verbally or in other ways before the patent application. It is also important that the invention is a product that cannot be easily thought out and put forward by an expert, but can be easily put into practice. Getting help from professionals, such as patent InventHelp agency is recommended.

Since a patent obtained in USA is not valid all over the world, in order to protect the invention with a patent, it is necessary to apply to the patent office of that country in every country where protection is requested. Patenting the invention offers many advantages such as benefiting from the advantages of the invention without direct competition, restricting the commercial activities of competitors, being a tradable property and applying legal sanctions in case of imitation. You can find more information on patenting on patent my invention through InventHelp article.

“Patent right” is a good indicator of how developed a country is. A patent shows that a technological innovation is an inventor, an owner and protects the rights of the person who created the innovation. The more patent applications a society has, the more advanced the creativity.

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