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Names for Cats

Are you thinking of adopting a new pet cat this year? Then you will, like many people, spend hours pondering over which name to give your new kitten. This might well seem too trivial to some people but to pet owners, this is by all means a serious matter! Just as parents always want the most beautiful and meaningful name for their children, cat owners cannot pick just any random name for their kittens as well.

Your cat name, surprisingly, will also tell every one a bit of your personality, preferences and hobbies. And who knows, you might get to meet new friends with the same hobbies thanks to this. Therefore, you should definitely check out the current popular cat names, either to catch up with the latest trends or simply to have something completely different from everyone else’s!

Names for these special family members

More and more owners are taking their inspiration from human baby names when naming their cats. Names that describe the pet physical characteristics such as Shadow, Snowflake or Spot are not as preferred as they used to be. Instead, cat owners are opting for more unique kitten names for their furry family members, signaling increasingly deeper bonds and affection towards them.

Many single-sex human names are among the most popular cat names of this year, such as Lucy, Chloe, Sophie, Maggie and Sadie for female cats, Charlie, Jack, Toby, Leo and the top male cat name for many years in a row – Max. These names humanize the pets and therefore match up well with the trend of them becoming more and more a major part of the family.

Cat lovers can be film junkies too. And well, it’s only natural that some cats get their names from famous celebrities or film characters.

Other hits on the list of popular cat names are Rocky, Bear and Buddy for male cat names and Daisy and Molly for female cat names, which all have for a long time stayed in the top ten lists. Some cat names have also been steadily on the rise like Lola, Coco, Rosie, Luna, Bailey for females, and Zeus, Milo, Thor, Gunner, Jax for males.

So, have you decided on your cat’s name yet?

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