What is legalization of documents? 

Are you planning a trip abroad for study or work, do you permanently live abroad?

How to prepare documents for their recognition abroad?

The procedure for giving a document international legal force is called the legalization of documents. Depending on which country you plan to visit, the procedure for processing documents may vary.

The concept of “Legalization of a document” implies the order of certain procedures for giving a document legal force in the territory of another state. The purpose of legalizing a document issued in one country is its validity and the possibility of presenting it in the state bodies of another country.

The main rule of legalization is that the legalization procedure itself is carried out exclusively on the territory of the state where the document was issued or executed. That is: documents issued by official bodies of other states outside US cannot be legalized on the territory of US and vice versa.

Apostille of documents, legalization of documents

There are two main types of legalization of documents – affixing the Apostille seal and consular legalization . The choice of the type of legalization in each specific case depends on the country of destination of the document, i.e. country to whose authorities it will subsequently be submitted.

We must also emphasize that the legalization of a document is not required only in special cases:

1. When the institution abroad to which you present this document does not require its legalization;

2. When between US and the state in whose territory you use the document, a bilateral agreement is concluded that cancels the requirement of legalization;

3. When legalization of a document is not possible due to its type/type/nature.

In all other cases, legalization for documents exported abroad is mandatory.

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What is an Apostille seal?

Apostilles are a type of official certification issued by a government agency that attests to the authenticity of documents. They are often used in international trade to authenticate the legitimacy of items such as passports, legal contracts, birth certificates, and other types of identification. In some countries, apostilles have become mandatory due to laws regarding immigration and citizenship.

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