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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. is one of America's premier annuity buyers and structured settlement buyers.

TCF Still Pays the MOST CASH for Structured Settlement Payments

Nationwide Annuity Buyer Paying Top Prices! Sell Structured Settlement Payments or Sell Annuity Payments for Lump Sum Cash

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TCF's goal is to give every single client friendly, straightforward, world-class customer service, delivered with honesty, integrity & courtesy, in addition to the best pricing available.

We will do our utmost to beat every other purchase offer you receive, but in the unlikely event that another annuity buyer offers you a higher price, by all means CALL US, let us know what the offer is and we'll do everything possible to beat it.

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Structured Settlement Buyer

Paying The Most Cash For Structured Settlements Since 2003

Structured settlements are great and they're created with the best of intentions; to provide financial stability & support for plaintiffs involved in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. But life doesn't always play along. Sometimes you just need more money than your monthly payments provide.

Maybe you need extra cash to pay off debt or medical expenses or buy a house, a car, home improvements or a college degree. Whatever you need the money for is your business, but if it's more than your monthly payments alone can cover, getting you the extra money you need as quickly and affordably as possible is our business.

TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. is a leading buyer of structured settlement annuity payments, aka an annuity buyer. We pay lump sum cash now in exchange for the right to receive your future annuity payments. You can also sell lottery payments.

As Flexible As You Need Us To Be
Structured Settlement Buyer Computer
At TCF, we understand that recipients of structured settlement payments, or annuitants, have unique financial needs because of the uniqueness of their structured settlement payment arrangements. There is no such thing as "One Size Fits All" when it comes to structured settlements.

Sell Structured Settlement Buyer
In other words, some annuitants receive weekly, biweekly or monthly support payments. Others only receive their payments bi-annually or annually. Still others receive only periodic payments - for example, lump sum payments every 3 or 5 years. And then some receive combinations of payments such as monthly payments with incrementally increasing lump sum disbursements every 3 or 5 years. Some receive payments for a set period only, say 20 or 30 years, while others are scheduled to receive guaranteed payments for their entire lifetime. Some annuities even carry over to the annuitant's children. Because every payment structure is somewhat unique, TCF is flexible enough to structure our purchase to accommodate your specific needs and desires.

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How Much Money Do You Need?
Lump Sum Cash
Maybe you'd like to sell your entire structured settlement. Or maybe you'd just like to sell the monthly payments up to a certain point. Or maybe you want to keep your monthly payments and just want to sell off a few of your most distant lump sum payments. It's also common for people to sell only a portion of their monthly payments so they still have some cash flow, and only a portion of each (or all) of their future lump sum disbursements so they still have a portion of those to look forward to also. Other times, people will simply call us up, explain their payment structure, say "I need X dollars by X date; what can you do for me?"

Sell Annuity on Phone
The point is, we'll be as flexible and creative as you need us to be. After all, we're here to help solve your financial challenges, so it really is all about you. All you need when you call is your annuity policy, payment schedule and the dollar amount you're trying to raise. When you speak with one of our funding professionals, we'll ask some questions about specifically how much of a lump sum you need, when you need it and so forth. Understand we're not being nosey; we're just trying to determine your needs as clearly as possible so we can customize our purchase to accommodate your particular financial goals.

Sell Lottery Payments

Other Types of Annuities
As a nationwide buyer of structured settlement and annuity payments, we can also purchase a variety of annuity-based income streams including award annuities such as state lottery payments, casino jackpot winnings and many other types of periodic

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TCF is committed to paying you the highest cash price for your structured settlement annuity with no risk, no hassle and no runaround.

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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc.: Your Money, Right When You Need it.

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