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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. is one of America's premier annuity buyers and pays the highest prices for structured settlements, lottery winnings, casino jackpot winnings and other annity based awards.

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Personal injury is a legal term used to describe an injury to a person's body, mind or emotions. It does not include injury or damage to property. The term most commonly refers to specific types of tort lawsuits alleging that a person's injury has been caused by the negligence of another person.

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Structured Settlement Annuity

Structured Settlement Buyer Since 2003

TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. is a personal injury settlement funding company (often referred to as litigation financing or lawsuit funding) as well as a leading buyer of structured settlement annuity payments (an annuity buyer). In addition, we can pay lump sum cash to purchase award annuities such as state lottery winnings and casino jackpot winnings.

Personal Injury Settlement vs Structured Settlements

'Personal injury settlement' and 'structured settlement' are often used interchangeably because they are two different ways of describing what is essentially the same thing; a monetary damage award resulting from a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit.

The only real difference from a funding standpoint is that they occur at, and are funded differently at, different stages within the legal process timeframe. Whether we provide lawsuit pre settlement funding or we pay cash for structured settlement payments really just depends on when in the process we actually provide the funding. Of course, we can provide both pre settlement funding and pay cash for settlement payments for the same client at different times, should the need arise.

Personal Injury Settlement Attorneys
In other words, 'personal injury settlement' refers to a lawsuit damage award up until the time the verdict has been returned, the legal proceedings have been completed and payment arrangements of the damage award have been finalized. 'Structured settlement' refers to the monetary damage award itself, or more specifically, the financial instrument (an annuity paid out on a pre-arranged schedule by an insurance company) that is used to disburse that monetary damage award to the plaintiff over a period of time. This can be years, decades, or even for the lifetime of the plaintiff or the plaintiff's children up to a certain age.

Whether we provide a non-recourse cash advance on a pending (and still undecided) future lawsuit settlement or we purchase some of the scheduled future payments of an existing, already-paying structured settlement annuity is the only difference for us.

A Word About Workers Compensation Settlements
Worker's Comp is a strange animal and has specific rules all it's own. We ARE NOT ABLE to purchase workers comp settlement payments once the case has been finalized and permanent benefits have begun to be paid.

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What About Other Types of Annuities?
We can also purchase another type of annuity that is not related to bad news, personal injuries or wrongful death. To the contrary, they are "good news" annuities that come from winning large sums of money in casino jackpots and state lottery winnings.

Sell Structured Settlement Payments
Are you currently receiving periodic payments from any type of structured settlement annuity and you're interested in getting some lump sum cash for structured settlement payments?
Call us or visit now to get Cash for Structured Settlements payments.
Sell Lottery Winnings or Casino Jackpot Winnings
Are you currently receiving periodic payments from any type of lottery winnings, casino jackpot winnings or other award annuity and are interested in exchanging some or all of your future payments for a large lump sum of cash now?
Call us or visit now to Sell Lottery Winnings.

TCF is committed to paying you the highest cash price for your structured settlement annuity, lottery payments or jackpot winnings with no risk, no hassle and no runaround.

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