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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. is one of America's premier buyers of lottery winnings and casino jackpot winnings.

Don't Settle! Learn How to Get the MOST CASH When You Sell Lottery Payments!

Nationwide Annuity Buyer Paying Top Prices! Sell Lottery Payments & Casino Jackpot Winnings for Lump Sum Cash.

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TCF's goal is to give every single client friendly, straightforward, world-class customer service, delivered with honesty, integrity & courtesy, in addition to the best pricing available.

We will do our utmost to beat every other purchase offer you receive, but in the unlikely event that another annuity buyer offers you a higher price, by all means CALL US, let us know what the offer is and we'll do everything possible to beat it.

We'll Do What It Takes To Earn Your Business.

That Is the TCF Promise.

TriMark Capital Funding, Inc.: Your Money, Right When You Need it.

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Sell Lottery Winnings for Lump Sum CASH!

We've Been Buying Lottery Winnings & Casino Jackpot Winnings Since 2003

Did you win the lottery or strike it rich gambling at a casino? If you did, congratulations!

Cashing in Lottery Payments or Jackpot Winnings
Lump Sum vs Annuity
Most lotteries and casinos nowadays give winners the option of either taking a 20 or 30 year prize payout with an annuity OR taking about half their winnings in cash; the prize's 'present value'. But it wasn't always that way. Up until recently, many winners had no choice; they had to take the annuity.

When given the choice, people almost always opt for the lump sum as opposed to the annuity because either they understand, or their financial advisors have explained it to them, that a lump sum of cash now is the wiser, smarter decision than waiting 20 or 30 years for their money to trickle in.

If you are currently receiving monthly or annual payments from an award annuity such as IGT or annual payments from winning the lottery some time ago, you should be aware that you can convert some, or all, of your future payments into a large lump sum of cash now.

At TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. we work very hard to give the best service and highest prices to each of our clients when they sell lottery winnings, casino jackpots and other annuity payments, and we'll do our best to beat every other offer you receive.

If you need cash and have money that's paid out over time from lottery payments or some other type of award or jackpot winnings, TCF can help you sell lottery payments or convert those winnings into CASH.

Why Sell Lottery Winnings or Annuity Settlement Payments to TCF?

That's easy and we can sum it up in five simple words:

FAST: TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. has been buying state lottery winnings and other structured annuities and annuity settlements for nearly a decade, so we've streamlined the process to make it as fast and worry-free as possible.
FREE: We never charge you any origination fees, application fees, due diligence or underwriting fees, attorney fees or any other up-front fees. Plus there are no out-of-pocket costs and we ALWAYS pay all the closing costs.
EASY: You're the customer, and unlike a lot of annuity buyers, we never forget that. We LISTEN to you and then custom-tailor our purchase to fulfill your exact needs. In other words, tell us what you want and then we do everything possible to give it to you. We're never pushy and we never use high-pressure sales tactics, so when you sell lottery payments or sell annuity payments to TCF it never feels like you're negotiating with a used car salesman.
GREAT SERVICE: At TCF, we care about our clients. We listen to you and then structure our purchase to suit your exact needs. In other words, tell us what you want and then we'll do everything possible to give it to you. We're never pushy and we never use high-pressure tactics, unlike many of our competitors. We're honest and we have integrity; we always say what we mean and we always do what we promise, period.

When you sell your casino winnings or lottery winnings, we make the entire process fast, easy and painless. We handle all the paperwork and we do all of the legwork and we never charge any up-front fees or closing costs and we'll beat any competitor's legitimate offer.

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We'll answer your questions, explore your different options with you and explain the process. Whatever you choose, know that TCF is committed to paying you the highest cash price for your owner financed mortgage note, real estate note, trust deed or land contract with no risk, no hassle, no runaround and no closing costs either.

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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. pays the highest cash price for your lottery winnings, casino winnings or other annuity-based winnings.

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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc.: Your Money, Right When You Need it.

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