Deed of Trust, Land Contract, Promissory Note, Trust Deed, Contract for Deed and Mortgage Note Buyers
Deed of Trust, Land Contract, Contract for Deed and Mortgage Note Buyer
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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. is one of America's premier real estate note buyers. We buy mortgage notes, trust deeds, land contracts & contract for deed from seller financing.

TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. (TCF) is a nationwide deed of trust buyer. TCF is owned by private investors specializing in the purchase of residential and commercial real estate notes; i.e. mortgage notes, trust deeds (deed of trust) and land contracts.

Our private capital, as well as the hundreds of relationships we maintain with both private and institutional investors ensures that we can offer the absolute maximum lump sum payment for your trust deed or other real estate note; in fact, we guarantee it!

We take great pride in being able to guarantee you the best price in America, and you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you have received the highest possible price for your cash flow payments.

TriMark Capital Funding, Inc.: Your Money, Right When You Need it.

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Deed of Trust Buyer | Trust Deed Buyers

Deed of Trust | Trust Deed Buyers Since 2003

TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. is one of the top note buyers in America, thanks to our winning combination of integrity, high volume, aggressive pricing & world-class customer service. We buy notes on practically all types of property including residential and commercial and we're one of the few investors still buying vacant land notes. We also buy modular home notes and mobile home notes with land.

As one of America's largest trust deed buyers, we know this business inside and out. You won't be at the mercy of greedy or unscrupulous middlemen because you'll be working directly with professional trust deed buyers who have been buying deeds of trust in all 50 states since 2003.

We're flexible, so we can offer a wide variety of purchase options designed to suit your particular needs and help you achieve your particular financial goals. If you're ready to sell a real estate secured promissory note, take a look at our different options:


We have extraordinary flexibility in the ways we can buy real estate note, depending on the individual needs of the note seller. We offer the following purchase options:

  • Full Purchase: As the name implies, a full purchase is where we buy all remaining payments due on a note and the seller receives one large lump sum payment at closing. This is a very common way of investing in trust deeds.

  • Partial Purchase: The partial purchase is where we buy just a portion of the future payments while the note seller retains ownership of the remainder. We can purchase almost any number of payments as long as there is sufficient equity in the property. The note seller would get a lump sum of cash now and begin receiving payments again after our purchase term is complete. This is another very popular method of investing in trust deeds.

  • Split Partial Balloon Buyout: The split partial balloon sale is an option when a note has a certain number of payments and a balloon payment due at a later date. We buy the payments leading up to the balloon and a portion of the balloon itself. The note seller gets a lump sum of cash at closing and receives the other portion of the balloon when it gets paid off.

  • Reverse Partial: In a reverse partial we purchase just future payments of the cash flow. This allows the seller to continue receiving payments for a pre-determined length of time before our purchase term begins and the payments transfer to us.

  • Split Payment Partial: With this option, we purchase only a portion of each monthly payment for a pre-determined length of time and the seller continues receiving the remaining portion of each payment. This is a good option for people who need a lump sum of cash now but still must rely on some monthly income.

Why Would You Want to Sell Your Deed of Trust to TriMark Capital Funding, Inc.?

We have decades of note buying experience so we make the process fast, simple and easy. We LISTEN to you and then custom-tailor our purchase to satisfy your exact needs. We're never pushy, we never use any high-pressure sales tactics and we can close and fund transactions in about 10 business days. We always pay you the most cash for your mortgage note or deed of trust and we always pay all normal closing costs.

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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. offers it's clients some of the most aggressive pricing in the marketplace for performing 1st lien position real estate secured promissory notes, land contracts, mortgage notes and bulk mortgage portfolios.

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We'll answer your questions, explore your different options with you and explain the process. Whatever you choose, know that TCF is committed to paying you the highest cash price for your owner financed mortgage note, real estate note, trust deed or land contract with no risk, no hassle, no runaround and no closing costs either.

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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. pays the highest cash price for your seller-financed promissory note, mortgage note, deed of trust, land contract or contract for deed.

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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc.: Your Money, Right When You Need it.

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