Deed of Trust, Land Contract, Promissory Note, Trust Deed, Contract for Deed and Mortgage Note Buyers
Deed of Trust, Land Contract, Contract for Deed and Mortgage Note Buyer
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We Buy Notes; Promissory Notes Secured By a Deed of Trust (Trust Deed), Mortgage Note, Contract For Deed Or Land Contract

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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. is one of America's premier real estate note buyers. We buy mortgage notes, trust deeds, land contracts & contract for deed from seller financing and can also help you cash out lottery winnings and sell structured settlement payments.
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TCF strives for 100% customer satisfaction while being America's leading trust deed buyer and mortgage buyers and a leading commercial loan resource.

How To Receive Top Dollar:

With interest rates still near historical lows there may never be a better time to sell a notes, ell a mortgage or sell a trust deed.

Here are some important steps to take in the note buying process if you are considering selling your note for cash.

Step 1: Documents
Accurate information is critical to getting an accurate quote so have your security agreement , promissory note and your amortization schedule when you call or request a quote.

Step 2: Research/Compare
Contact a number of mortgage note buyers, ask them how they do business and request a purchase offer.

Step 3: Decide
If you decide to sell your note choose the company that offers the best combination of price and service.

Step 4: Purchase Agreement
When you sign a purchase agreement be sure to understand who pays the expenses in the transaction and make sure you are not responsible for any charges if the sale does not go through.

Step 5: Closing
Once everything is finalized, closing is completed, title is transferred and you receive your money.

TriMark Capital Funding, Inc.: Your Money, Right When You Need it.
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Trust Deed and Mortgage Note Buyers Since 2003

TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. (TCF) has been a premier note buyer, mortgage buyer, land contract buyer, deed of trust buyer and contract for deed buyer since 2003.

In the decade since, as professional nationwide real estate note buyers we have purchased hundreds of private mortgages, trust deeds and other real estate secured promissory notes from people just like you who used seller financing to sell their property.

We have a long history of serving our clientele with honesty, integrity and excellence, which is what has made us one of the most reputable and well-respected note buyers in the country.

Deed of Trust, Land Contract, Trust Deed, Contract for Deed and Mortgage Note Buyers

If you would like to sell a mortgage, sell a note or sell a trust deed, TCF can convert all or just about any portion of your future payments into immediate cash. There are no fees or costs for you in the transaction and we handle all the work. If you're ready to convert your note into a large lump sum of cash, contact TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. - the premier national mortgage buyers, trust deed buyers, note buyers and contract for deed buyers - to learn more about your options.

Sell A Mortgage Note, Contract for Deed or Other Real Estate Note For CASH

If you currently own a mortgage note as an investment and are thinking about selling it, call us to learn more about your options. We will be happy to explain the factors that affect the current cash value of your mortgage note and will help you structure the sale to accomplish your specific goals.

At TCF, we go out of our way to offer our clients exceptional customer service coupled with some of the best pricing in the industry. We will do our best to beat every other purchase offer you receive. If we can't, we'll send you a check for $200.00 when you close the sale with the other company. This is our way of making sure you receive the highest possible price when you sell a note, sell a mortgage or sell a deed of trust.

Are you receiving payments on a note, mortgage, deed of trust or land contract? We can help you convert those payments into cash.

Benefits of Selling Your Mortgage Note

Note owners who decide to sell real estate notes or sell mortgage note payments or a trust deed do so for a wide variety of reasons. When they do, they can achieve a number of valuable benefits:


- Generate a large lump sum of cash that can be used for any purpose
- Eliminate the uncertainty inherent with receiving future note payments
- Eliminate the risk, expense and problems associated with foreclosure;
- Generate the liquid cash to make a major purchase or investment;
- Liquidate their investment while capitalizing on low interest rates and high market value.

We Pay Cash For Deed of Trust, Land Contracts, Mortgage Notes and Contract for Deed

Are You Receiving Payments? Would You Prefer Cash Instead?

TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. will pay you the highest cash price for your quality note, mortgage, trust deed or land contract. Request a no-obligation purchase proposal or call us toll-free at 877-WECANBUY.

Purchase Options:


We have extraordinary flexibility in the ways we can buy a real estate note, depending on the individual needs of the note seller. We offer the following purchase options:

  • Full Purchase: As the name implies, a full purchase is where we buy all remaining payments due on a note and the seller receives one large lump sum payment at closing. This is a very common way of investing in trust deeds and usually provides the largest amount of cash immediately.

  • Partial Purchase:The partial purchase is where we buy just a portion of the future payments while the note seller retains ownership of the remainder. We can purchase almost any number of payments as long as there is sufficient equity in the property. The note seller would get a lump sum of cash now and begin receiving payments again after our purchase term is complete. This is another very popular method of investing in trust deeds.

  • Split Partial Balloon Buyout:The split partial balloon sale is an option when a note has a certain number of payments and a balloon payment due at a later date. We buy the payments leading up to the balloon and a portion of the balloon itself. The note seller gets a lump sum of cash at closing and receives the other portion of the balloon when it gets paid off.

  • Reverse Partial:In a reverse partial we purchase just future payments of the cash flow. This allows the seller to continue receiving payments for a pre-determined length of time before our purchase term begins and the payments transfer to us.

  • Split Payment Partial:With this option, we purchase only a portion of each monthly payment for a pre-determined length of time and the seller continues receiving the remaining portion of each payment. This is a good option for people who need a lump sum of cash now but still must rely on some monthly income to meet their financial obligations.

Market Value of Your Promissory Note and Mortgage

Since the mortgage meltdown in 2007 / 2008, there are only a handful of experienced, trustworthy and reputable mortgage buyers left that purchase privately held promissory notes, mortgages, land contracts and trust deeds. Together, we comprise an active, vibrant marketplace for cashing out seller financed notes.

As a note holder, you may want to sell a mortgage note, sell a land contract or sell a deed of trust, and if you are, we recommend you take advantage of our "Highest Price Guarantee".

Here are some factors that can affect the market value of real estate secured promissory notes:


• The type of collateral property that is securing the note
• The value of the collateral property
• The interest rate of the promissory note
• The number of payments made and the number remaining due
• The amount and due date of any balloon payment(s)
• The amount of cash down payment and how much owner's equity there is
• The amount of time the property was owned by the seller prior to the sale
• The borrower's credit history and credit score
• The number of delinquent payments the seller has made
• The current level of market interest rates

Glossary of Terms


Promissory Note — A promissory note is a borrower's written promise to repay a specific sum of money at some point in the future, often in periodic payments over a pre-determined period of time and specifies the amount of interest to be charged as well. To be eligible for sale to a note buyer like TCF, promissory notes must include a binding, recorded security agreement such as a:

Mortgage Note — A mortgage or mortgage deed is a security instrument that legally pledges a borrower's real estate as collateral for a promissory note or real estate note.

Deed of Trust — A trust deed or deed of trust is a security instrument that legally a borrower's real estate as collateral for a note, promissory note or real estate note.

Land Contract or Contract for Deed — A land contract, contract for deed, agreement for deed, land installment contract or installment sale agreement is another method of selling property with owner financing.

Lump Sum Cash or Monthly Payments? You Decide.

If the novelty of receiving those steady monthly payments has given way to the real-world risks and reality of collecting late payments, IRS reporting requirements, the very real potential for foreclosure and the drudgery, inconvenience and hassle of waiting for your money to trickle in a month at a time over the next couple of decades has worn off, maybe it's time to consider converting all or part of your mortgage note into a large lump sum of cash instead of, or in addition to, those monthly payments?

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What Next?

Request your free quote or call us at 1-877-WECANBUY right now and let's talk.

We'll answer your questions, explore your different options with you and explain the process. Whatever you choose, know that TCF is committed to paying you the highest cash price for your owner financed mortgage note, real estate note, trust deed or land contract with no risk, no hassle, no runaround and no closing costs either.

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TriMark Capital Funding, Inc. pays the highest cash price for your seller-financed promissory note, mortgage note, deed of trust, land contract or contract for deed.

Call us at 1-877-932-2628 or request your free no-obligation quote now.

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